Data protection statement

Provider and responsible site in mind of the data protection law

Forschungsinstitut für Wärmeschutz e.V. München
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With this data protection statement user recieve information about the type, the scope and the purpose of the survey and usage of their data trough the responsible provider which are collected and used.

The legal frame for the data protection is formed by the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) and the Telemediengesetz (TMG).

Acquisition of general information

With every access on this offer informations are captured automatically through our Webspace-Provider. These information, also called as Server-Logfiles, are of general nature and don't allow any conclusions on you as a person.

These information are collected: name of the website, file, date, data amount, Webbrowser and Webbrowser-Version, operating system, name of the domain of your internet provider, the so called Referrer-URL (those site, with which you accessed on our offer) and the Ip-adress.

Without these datas it wouldn't be partly technological possible, to deliver and represent the content of the website. So far the capture of the data is mandatorily necessary. Furthermore we use the anonym information for statistical prupose. You help us with the optimization of the offer and the technic. We reserve the right to control the log-files subsequently on suspicion of a illegal usage of our offer.


If you log in to our newsletter, we exclusively use all of the data given by you for this purpose or to inform you for this service or the registration of the relevant circumstances. We will not pass these informations to third parties.

To recieve our newsletter a valid E-Mail adress is needed. On top of that the IP-adress is saved, with which you can log in for the newsletter, as well as the date when the newsletter is ordered. These data serve us as a proof with abuse, if a foreign E-Mail-adress is logged in for the newsletter. To ensure that the E-mail adress isn't registred abusive in our distributor by third parties, we work in complience of the law with the so called "Double-Opt-In"-procedure. Within this procedure the order of the newsletter as well as the dispatch of the confirming email and the recievement of the confirmation if registration is recorded. 

Anytime you have the opportunity to recall the storage of your data or your email adress and its usage of the newsletter-dispatch. For the recall we provide you with every newsletter and a link on the website. On top of that you have the opportunity to share your recovery request with the contact options called in this document.

Contact form

If you contact us via online formular or e-mail, we save the details you made, to answer your request and ask possible follow-up questions.

Integration of services and contents of third parties.

Our offer occasionally includes content, services and efforts of other providers. These are for example cards which are provided by Google-Maps, videos of youtube as well as graphics and pictures of other websites. To access and represent these datas in the browser of the user, the transmission of the IP-adress is mandatory necessary. The provider (called as "third provider") percieve the IP-adress of the respective user.

Even if we try hard, to exclusively use third party provider, which need the IP-adress to deliver contant, we don't have influence, if the IP-adress is possibliy saved. This process serves in this case to our statistical purposes. As far as we have knowledge, that the IP-adress is saved, we point this out to our users.

Data savings

We save person related data according to the principles of data avoidance and data savings only as far as it is required or prescribed of the legislator. (legal storage period) Is the purpose of the raised information ommited or is the storage period ending, we lock and erease the data.

Your rights for information, correction, lock, deletion and recall

You have the right, to free of charge request an information about the person related data saved by us, or to demand a correction, a lock or an ereasement. Exceptions: it is about the prescribed data storage for business development or the data is subject of the legal retention obligation.

In these cases please contact our data protection officer (contact details: at the end of the data protection declaration).

To consider a data lock at any time, it is required to provide the data , for controlling purposes, in a lock file. If a legal archiving obligation doesn't exist, you can yearn the ereasment of the data. Otherwise wir lock the data, as far as you desire.

Change of our data protection declaration

To ensure, that our data protection declaration correspond to the current legal specifications, we reserve changements at any time. This also applies in the case, that the declaration of data protection is customized due to new or reworked services for example new service performances. The new declaration of data protection works during your next visit of our offer.

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