Membership at the FIW e.V. München

The FIW e.V. München is a registered association which is carried by the branch of insulation material producers as well as their supply industry, component/system producers and further supporting members. The membership structure and the accrediation are the fundamentals for a neutral independent position.

The objective of the association follows non-profit purposes and serves the improvement of product quality, constructions and technology as well as standardisation work, research and knowledge transfer. Income and membership fees are also used for this purpose. The exchange of interests between members and the Institute takes place annually at the general meeting. In addition, this exchange on current issues is maintained in a practical and timely manner in the FIW committees and actively lived in direct customer contact. In day-to-day activities, members receive personal service from FIW staff and are preferred partners in research & development, the creation of guidelines and the establishment of voluntary certification systems.

Interested in a membership?

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Viktoria Opp