Research at FIW München

We serve the market introduction of new and environmentally compatible components and building systems. FIW München's contractual partners are companies from the construction industry and other sectors on the subject of thermal insulation, as well as public construction research institutions. In addition, FIW München enjoys an international reputation among many research institutions and international project partners.

Modern laboratory measurement technology and calculation methods accompany the development and optimize building products for practical use. Investigations in model rooms, in the test field and on the completed object serve to test the building physics of components and complete systems for new buildings and for renovation projects.


The research of the FIW München extends on the following research areas:

  • Determination of physical influencing variables for the head transmission in insulation materials and systems
  • Measurements of moisture movement in insulation materials and systems
  • Research on thermal, hygric and mechanical properties of insulation materials
  • Investigation and optimization of constructions and insulation systems for the building sector, for operational plants in the industry and in the technical building equipment
  • Testing of insulation materials for the benefit of the practical use and the long term behavior
  • Basic research for elaboration of testing and substance standards, guidelines and worksheets
  • Development of measurement devices and testing devices for new application areas

Your contact at FIW München for FuE-services

Christoph Sprengard
Sebastian Treml