Services in the area of research and development

The research activities of the institute are bundled in the r&d-department. Two areas of focus have been formed in the last years.

On the one hand we deal with the development and the improvement of insulation and building materials as well as building parts regarding their heat and moisture technical attributes - already for over 100 years a classical field of the FIW München in the applied research.

On the other hand we more and more deal with projects and questions for the energy settings in the building stock, for the sustainability of materials and building constructions and to the problem of "grey energy" in buildings and facilities.

Our research fields and services

  • Research projects on all topics concerning the thermal and moisture protection of construction elements, individual components, complete systems, structural installations and buildings
  • Research on energy saving in buildings and energy efficiency
  • Application-oriented research on insulation materials, construction materials, components and systems
  • Research on fundamental heat and moisture-related issues such as the systematic investigation of production parameters on the heat-related properties or the influence of moisture on the thermal conductivity of construction and insulation materials
  • Applications for research projects and project management for research contracts in Germany and Europe

  • Determination of the energy requirements of components, systems and buildings
  • Holistic approach to thermal loss, taking the location, the climate and the user behaviour of the residents into account
  • Assessment of potential for restructuring

  • Optimisation of the thermal and moisture parameters of insulation and construction materials as well as of construction components and insulation structures
  • Supporting the further development of materials, products, components, systems and parts through measurements, calculations and simulations
  • Measurement of material parameters as input data for thermal engineering simulations
  • Determination of the heat transfer of components and parts on a 1:1 scale up to a component size of 3.5 m x 3.5 m
  • Combination of numerical calculations, simulations and laboratory investigations for the further development of established products (e.g. for insulation materials made of renewable raw materials) and for new construction products (e.g. vacuum insulation panels (VIP) and insulation materials made of Advanced Porous Materials (APM)) and scientific support from initial concept to market launch
  • Calculations, simulations and measurements of thermal and moisture properties; also for industries not related to construction, i.e. for refrigerators and in the logistics sector for transport containers and refrigerated vehicles
  • Support along the entire construction value chain; from material to component and from component to the complete heat-insulating building envelope

  • Simulations in the transient state with increasing or decreasing temperatures
  • Simulation of movement in liquids and gases (CFD)
  • Measurements of components or materials with realistic moisture content in order to analyse moisture distributions in systems and better assess damages
  • On-site investigations and monitoring of existing and newly constructed buildings
  • Investigation and simulation of the permanent functionality of constructions and restructuring measures
  • Studies and assessments of potential
  • Thermal bridge catalogues
  • Support with technical manuals and product documentation
  • Life cycle assessment for the establishment of environmental product declarations (EPDs) in accordance with EN 15804+A2:2019