Pure testing performance or with certificate - your choice

Certification programms & quality seal

Your choice. The FIW München offers with its test certifications the possiblity to exhibit divers certificates through its own in-house FIW-certification body, for example the agreement betwenn products and services with european norms after KEYMARK or after the test and certification program which is individually customized for you.


Pure test results and consulting

You can also use the test certificate to have issued the according evidence through other certification sites. The FIW München fulfils with its tests - depending of the used product and application area - application of many certification programs.

Your contact concerning certification programs

Claus Karrer
Andreas Schmeller

Your contact for tests in the buidling sector

Stephan Guess

Your contact for tests in the technical insulation

Head of department  

Roland Schreiner

Technical cold applications  

Karin Wiesemeyer

Technical hot applications  

Martin Lauff