Michael Kamml M. Sc.

  • Master of Science in Resource Efficient and Sustainable Building at the Technical University of Munich
  • State-certified technician for electrical engineering
  • DGNB Consultant (German Sustainable Building Council)
  • since 2022 at FIW Munich at the department of research and development

Main research fields

  • Further development of insulation materials
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Building physics
  • Insulation materials based on sustainable materials
  • Investigation of high performance insulation materials

Michael Kamml M.Sc.
Department: research and development department
Phone:  +49 89 85800-13
Email:  kamml@fiw-muenchen.de

Michael Kamml (Master of Science/state-certified technician), after completing his training as an electronics technician for automation technology, he worked full-time for one year and gained practical experience. He then completed advanced vocational training to become a state-certified technician. At the Technical University of Munich, he studied environmental engineering (B.Sc.) and afterward resource-efficient and sustainable construction (M.Sc.). During this period, he also worked as a student associate at the Chair of Timber Structures and Building Construction. Here he was involved in various research projects and also wrote his master's thesis there in the field of wood moisture measurement. Since 2022, he works in the research and development division of FIW Munich. As an engineer, Mr. Kamml contributes to the fields of materials research and building strategy for climate neutrality. His primary research interest is in the sectors of sustainable building, system structures and building technology.

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